Our customer's industry-leading analytic platform, integration technologies, and consulting services enable the world’s largest and most analytically sophisticated enterprises to deploy Logical Data Warehouses. These allow them to capture, store, manage, integrate, and analyse large volumes of detailed data to understand and improve business performances.  The integrative technology architecture provides a blueprint and enables technology solutions for sophisticated, high-performance analytics at scale on diverse data: from record-oriented, structured ERP data to complex, multi-structured machine-logs, and other non-relational data. We are searching an


>>Key Areas of Responsibility:


The Ecosystem Architect is a generalist that has technical skills across an array of technologies. The Ecosystem Architect has the ability to question the customer on their current situation, understand the goal state, and develop a defensible architecture specification specific to each customer. The Ecosystem Architect has the highest level of consulting and leadership skills. An Ecosystem Architect can lead from the front of the room from C-level to Client Enterprise Architects.

  • Be a trusted advisor to the client’s decision makers by establishing credibility and expertise in our customers solution offerings – including the Data Warehouse, Hadoop, Open Source Software, and Cloud Computing.
  • Define and develop the architecture, roadmap and standards for the Ecosystem Architecture that will align with the customer business and IT objectives.
  • Define and develop architecture for integration of the ecosystem architecture and all analytic ecosystem components into the client’s analytic ecosystem.
  • Define the client’s architecture at the highest levels of the analytic architecture cube - the conceptual to logical layers.
  • Understand the client’s business goals, information needs, application and system requirements, IT plans and architectures, and articulate linkage to the proposed Ecosystem Architecture and application designs.
  • Provide strategic advice to client decision makers on technologies and solutions that will assist them in achieving their corporate goals and objectives.
  • Work with the project managers to scope projects and develop a statement of work, project plan, and risk analysis.
  • Provide architecture thought leadership and actively participate in the design, implementation, and roll-out efforts.

>>Your technical skills:

  • Technical generalist with implementation experience. Has been or is currently actively involved in technical consulting engagements
  • Expertise in Hadoop and Open Source - has been or is currently actively involved in designing and or implementing projects that include Hadoop and Open Source options
  • Expertise in DWH / Big Data solutions and commercial - has been or is currently actively involved in designing and or implementing projects that include our customers and other commercial options
  • Expertise in on-premises and cloud - has the ability to define architectures covering on-premises, cloud and hybrid of on-premises combined with cloud
  • Architecture Framework expertise - expertise on different Architecture Frameworks
  • Industry framework certification such as TOGAF, Zachman or FEA is a plus
  • Adopts architecture principles - adopts and validates the architecture definition against our customers architecture principles
  • Identifies and utilizes Design Patterns - promotes reuse through actions, identifies, and develops emerging patterns 

>>Your consulting skills:

  • Business orientation
  • Highest level consulting and leadership skills. Can lead from "front of the room" - "C-level" and customer Enterprise Architects.
  • Articulate and persuasive - Can present as a "front of the room" leader and influence decisions
  • Targets audience appropriately - transitions between C-level, architects and implementers at appropriate level for audience
  • Innovative - can lead "Art of the Possible" thinking and vision
  • Challenges current state – fearless leader
  • Strategic & visionary - leads roadmaps, visions, and defines strategy

>>Your Contact:

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Mr Uwe Thiel, 

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